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Basic/Core Subjects

1.       教育哲学,精神和个人领导力

(Educational Philosophies, Spirituality and Personal Leadership)

2.       教育领导能力与管理

(Educational Leadership and Management in Educational Institutions)

3.       外语

(Foreign Language)

4.       组织文化与人力资源发展

(Organizational Culture, and Human Resource Development)

5.       教育政策的理论,趋势与政策观点

(Theory, trends and politics of education policy)


Professional/Major Courses

1.       学校财务与物资资源管理

(School Finance and Material Resources Management)

2.       高级战略规划与管理

(Advanced Strategic Planning and Managment)

3.       课程的开发,管理与评估

(Curriculum Development, Managment and Evaluation)

4.       对比性教育行政管理

(Comparative Educational Administration)

5.       教学项目的监督

(Supervision of Instructional Programs)

6.       教育学习环境中的技术管理

(Managment of Thchnology in Educational)

7.       职业道德与社会责任

(Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility)

8.       教育领导与管理专题高级研讨会

(Advanced Seminar on Special topics in Educational Leadership and Management)



1.       创业与创新管理

(Entrepreneurship and Innovative Managment)

2.       教育国际化

(Internationalization of Education)

3.       可抉择供给体制的创新与发展

(Innovations and Development of Alternative Delivery Systems)

4.       专业课程计划研究

(Specialized Curriculum Studies)

5.       课程,教学与学生表现的评估

(Evaluation Of Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Performance)

6.       先进的教学领导

(Advanced Instructional Leadership)

7.       教与学的模式

(Models of Teaching and Learning)



1.       论文开题建议书撰写研讨会

(Seminar in Dissertation Writing with Project Proposal)

2.       论文写作1开题报告建议

(Dissertation Writing 1 with Proposal)

3.       论文写作2数据分析与论文答辩

(Dissertation Writing 2 Date Analysis and Final Dissertation Defense)