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Doctor of Psychology major in Psychology with Specialization in Clinical Psychology 



Pre-Requisite couses 预修课程 (12units):

PHL 821- Philsophy of St.Thomas Aquins  圣托马斯·阿奎那的哲学

PHL 822- Philsophy of Man  人类哲学

PHL 823- Philsophy of Values  价值哲学

PHL 824- Advanced Statistics II  PHL 824-高级统计学二

Note:For Non-MP/MA Psychology Graduate  非心理学硕士研究生要加修以下6门课程

1、Advanced Psychological Assessment  高级心理评估学
2、Advanced Theories of Personality  高级人格理论
3、Advanced Abnormal Psychology  高级变态心理学
4、Advanced Counseling and Psychotherapy  高级咨询和心理治疗
5、Advanced Clinical Psychology  高级临床心理学
6、Advanced Development Psycholigy  高级发展心理学


PSY 800 -  Advanced Research Methods II  高级研究方法2


PSY 801 - Seminar on Issues and Trends in Clinical Psychology  临床心理学问题和趋势研讨会

PSY 802 - Marriage and Family Therapy  婚姻和家庭治疗 

PSY 803 - Forensic Psychology  法医心理学

PSY 804 - Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy 催眠和催眠疗法

PSY 805 -Health Psychology  健康心理学

PSY 806 - Psychology of Individual with Special Needs and Child Psychopathology  有特殊需求的个体心理学和儿童精神病理学

PSY 807 - Advanced EMDR II (Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing)  高级EMDR II(眼球运动和脱敏后处理)

PSY 808 - Development of Psychological intervention Program  心理学干预项目的发展

PSY 809 - Psychological Crisis Management Focused on Trauma Healing, Rehabilitation and Addiction Counseling 专注于创伤愈合、康复和成瘾咨询的心理危机管理

PSY 810 - Child Psychopathology  儿童精神病理学

PSY 811 - Psychopharmacology  精神药理学

PSY 812 - Sport Psychology  运动心理学

PSY 813 - Rorschach II 



Practicum/Internship of 500 Hours 实习时间达500个小时

Written Comprehensive Examination 书面考试

Foreign Language

Dissertation Writing I (Proposal Writing)
Dissertation Writing II (Research Colloquiu and Publication)
Dissertation Writing III (Final Defense)